Day: March 8, 2024


Today, March 8th, we celebrate a milestone in the history of paleoanthopology!
On International Women’s Day, we pay tribute to Lucy, one of the most famous fossils that has revolutionized our understanding of human evolution. Discovered by the paleontologists Donald Johanson, Yves Coppens and Maurice Taieb in 1974 in Ethiopia.
On this International Women’s Day, our small tribute to Lucy and all the women who have left an indelible mark on history.
Lucy is an ancestor of ours. Very remote, because it has been calculated that she is more than three million years old… A young girl who roamed the Ethiopian region of Afar. She was small, no more than one meter tall, she had no claws or large canines, but she had a great capacity for adaptation and survival. She was very young when death surprised her, we do not know if she would have had children by then, but it is possible that a little of her blood runs through our veins. She, or her companions, are part of our history, without them we would not be here.